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November 21, 2011

Dear David,

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful floral demonstration you did for us at Tappahannock Memorial United Methodist Church. Not only did this put us on the map, but it has been a long time since we have all had so much fun and fellowship.

The "buzz" has yet to die down. Your expertise and personality went way beyond expectations. Thank you for all you did. It was a special day.


Barbara, Ellie and the Altar Guild

October 24, 2011


I can't say and thank you enough for the beautiful flowers you created for our wedding! When I saw them, they were exactly what I had envisioned and better! I've received so many compliments on them and we could not have been happier. You were awesome to work with and I hope I will get to use you again in the future. I will definitely spread your name and contact information along to others looking for a florist.


Mallory and Sean

April 1, 2011

Dear David,

On behalf of the Piedmont District, Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, I would like to express our most sincere thanks for assisting Nancy Clarke with her delightful program at our annual Spring District meeting. What a treat it was to see all of the designs you assisted with, including the elephant which took you two days of meticulous work to complete. Since Monday I have talked with several ladies who were in attendance and they all have had very positive comments!

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks again for your willingness to work with the Piedmont District.

Most sincerely yours,


July 11, 2010

Dear David,

Many thanks for making Kate and Jason's wedding so special - it was beautiful! You and Barbara did a fantastic job - and you were a perfect wedding coordinator. I wish I had another daughter, so we could do it again!

Thanks again for all of your help in making this occasion so memorable and beautiful.

All the best,


November 19, 2009

Dear David,

Thank you so very much for sharing your creative talents with us "older ladies" last Thursday. Boy, what a turn-out on such an awful day! I was truly pleased. As you know, everyone always loves your programs and this time was no exception. All the winners of the arrangements were thrilled to receive them, but we were all winners just for your presence.

Thank you for our wonderful program and we hope to see you soon.

Ginter Park Garden Club

November 16, 2009

Dear David,

Many, many thanks from the Walter Reed Garden Club for presenting such a beautiful show for our community. The arrangements were "spectacular" - so much beauty for our enjoyment and creative senses. It was like a holiday kick-off - now, we get started!

Again, thank you for our day together on Saturday and for giving us the opportunity to give back to the community via the planting and caring of beautiful landscapes.

Yours truly,

Walter Reed Garden Club
Gloucester, VA

August 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Pippin:

On behalf of Halifax County Public Schools, we greatly appreciate your willingness to share your wealth of knowledge about Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) with our teachers. All three sessions were very well received and very informative. Some of the participants even commented that "this was the BEST workshop they had been to in several years." Other comments included "the presenters had so much energy and it was exciting;" "the materials were fantastic"things we can use immediately when we get back to the classroom." I believe that the hands-on approach use during the sessions sparked tremendous interest in integrating AITC into the science courses in grades K - 8.


Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Schools

June 25, 2009

Dear David,

I am still collecting myself post-wedding weekend in Richmond. It was a wonderful celebration that opened with a very nice rehearsal dinner at Maymont (if I do say so myself!) Your floral arrangements were beautiful! The colors were just as I imagined the variety amazing. Believe it or not, I am sitting at my table with a small vase of still standing stems. It is mostly greenery but includes orchids, mums, something that reminds me of a bachelor button crossed with a thistle and Dusty Miller. (Okay, scientific names are not my forte'.)

I so appreciated how flexible and creative you were when surprised - as was I - by two extra tables. So "THANK YOU" I could not have been more pleased.


March 2009

Dear David,

We so appreciate your lovely program at The Hermitage. As we expected, your reputation preceded you and we had all our regulars at one time plus several new people. We were thrilled! Many, many thanks. The flowers were beautiful and each arrangement fit its spot perfectly. You have a very magic touch with flowers and with the residents too!

Most sincerely,

Sandra and Carolyn

January 20, 2009

Dear David,

On behalf of Governor Tim Kaine and First Lady Anne Holton, I want to thank you for all of your assistance with our holiday decorations.

We are so appreciative of the lengths that you, and your volunteers, went to in preparing the beautiful decorations for the Mansion.

Thank you for helping to make the 2008 holiday decorations on Capitol Square so special.


Amy Bridge
Director of the Executive Mansion

May 7, 2008

Dear David,

Thank you so much for the beautiful floral arrangements you created for Gretchen and Walt's wedding. It's been over a week now, but already it seems like just a dream. Everything you produced for us was perfect - the bouquets, the centerpieces and those incredible cones hanging from the trees! I'm sure it was difficult for you to have to deal with so many different "chiefs," but if you were stressed at all, you certainly didn't show it.

Your flowers were a key component in the fairytale atmosphere Gretchen hoped to see. Thanks again for a wonderful job!

Sandy and Art

Spring 2008

Dear David,

On behalf of the whole Henry Clay Elementary School community, I would like to express our thanks for your help with the Cubs Courtyard Café and Classroom project. Your expertise suggesting plant material and helping to establish a vision of the finished project was invaluable. The courtyard is now complete. The children are so excited!


March 26, 2008

Dear David,

I've learned so much from your lectures. I also enjoy seeing my classmates' artistic interpretation of the assignments. You have a special talent for inspiring students to design at a challenging level.

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College student

October 29, 2007

Dear David,

I want to thank you for providing the beautiful flowers for my wedding. They were exactly what I wanted and had imagined! They truly added to the beauty of the event. My mom and I had so much fun work with you. We appreciate you being so professional and dependable. Thank you again for helping me creat my dream wedding. Take care!


October 17, 2007

Dear David,

How lucky am I to have such a good friend and for him to be such a talented, creative designer, too. Everyone went crazy over the designs and materials you combined so beautifully for the entrance to the museum. Thank you for sharing your talents and time for the benefit of VMFA and all that attended Fine Arts & Flowers. It was stunning for all to enjoy!


October 8, 2007

Dear David,

YOU ARE AMAZING!! The flowers at the wedding, rehearsal dinner and the reception were fantastic! People were just in awe of how beautiful everything looked. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did and for putting up with me for the past couple of months. Thank you! Thank you!

With love,

September 8, 2007


I just want to write and let you know that I was very, very pleased with how the flowers came out for our wedding. They were beautiful! You did an amazing job with the wedding and the reception decorations. My expectations were completely surpassed! Thank you again for making it such a pleasant experience.


May 28, 2007

Dear David,

The wedding flowers were absolutely beautiful. When I walked into the Empire Room, I said to myself, "This is perfect." Such a perfect combination of colors and shapes in the flowers combined with the height of the arrangements made the tables as elegant as anything could be. On Sunday and Monday after the wedding, my daughter and I delivered the arrangements to special people. Actually, if truth be known, I wanted to keep them all for myself! I did keep one for the dining room table. We couldn't have been more pleased with the flowers. Thank you so much for your part in our special day.


November 1, 2006

Dear David,

"Stupendous!" "Amazing!" "Gorgeous!" Reviews of the latest Hollywood film? No! - Comments from guests at our wedding about your beautiful flower arrangements! They truly were a dream come true. Thank you for your creativity and talent in making one of the most important elements of our wedding celebration so memorable.

Celeste and Peter

September 7, 2005

Oh, how very beautiful the ballroom was-in no small measure due to the gorgeous flower arrangements you created. They were all you said they'd be and more! Just what we needed for a special final touch to an already exquisite room.

Thank you for being such an absolute pleasure to work with!


April 17, 2004

Dear David,

On behalf of the education division of Tuckahoe Presbyterian, I would like to thank you for speaking at our Wednesday night dinner. I think everyone there came away inspired by your talk. I have found myself thinking of outdoor places which are particularly peaceful to me.

Thank you again for your time. I hope that you will share that talk again with others.

Ruth Anna

March 23, 2004

Dear David,

Thanks so much for your great contribution to the EV dinner. Not only did you make it beautiful - your good humor also put me at ease. I look forward to working together again!


December 15, 2003

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your help - the house was a huge hit! We heard many times that it was "the best" (house on the tour)! Thank you again for everything.

Fan District Christmas House Tour

November 28, 2003

What a marvelous job you did for our Annual Trustees Dinner on November 19th! The flowers were beautifully and tastefully arranged for each table - and how creative - the lovely arrangement in the bird bath!

Thank you for the part you played in making the evening so elegant. You were a delight to work with.


July 9, 2003

Dear David:

I am remiss in not getting this note out sooner to thank you for your willingness to speak at the WOOD'S END DESIGNERS' SHOWHOUSE earlier this year.

The results are just in and I am thrilled to share with you that the Showhouse raise over $50,000 for the Art Museum of Western Virginia! The funds will be used toward the Museum's ongoing capital campaign to finance a new facility and IMAX theatre, as well as continue with the acquisition of major works.

Your talk/demonstration was so well received! Despite of our last minute venue change to "the tavern," it could not have gone better. You were very gracious to commit your time to help make this event such a success. Without the support of friends like you, the Showhouse would not have been possible.

Although I don't think you need it, I do wish you the best of luck with your business in Richmond (and beyond!) and I do hope that I will have the pleasure of enjoying one of your hands-on workshops some day. Thank you again for your generous support of this event.

With kindest regards,
Speakers Chair

June 5, 2003

Dear David,

I just have to drop you a note to tell you how gorgeous the flowers were for Bobby and Lizzy's wedding festivities.

I loved what you did for me at the club, but when I got to the wedding and saw what you did under that tent, my jaw just dropped. The garden arrangement on the center table was outstanding and all the individual arrangements were so beautiful. And I loved the bouquets for the bridesmaids and the bride.

I'm so glad you suggested that I bring the hydrangeas. I told you that I like the arrangements to look like they had come from the garden. And that was very special for me seeing those flowers from my garden used at Bobby and Lizzy's wedding.

Thanks for all you did to make such a memorable occasion so special for us.


May 7, 2003

Dear David,

Thank you for a fantastic floral design demonstration at our 57th Garden Symposium. We all enjoyed listening to your advice as you created such beautiful arrangements. You made it look so easy.

Our registrants were very enthusiastic about your presentation. Many of them commented on how you inspired them to begin making arrangements from their own gardens. We appreciate you letting us display your arrangements during the duration of the symposium for our registrants' enjoyment.

Your presence helped make our 57th symposium a successful one. It was great to have you here and I know we will ask you to join us another year. You were so great to work with. Susan and Charles would be delighted if you were the designer every year!

Coordinator of Garden Programs

March 3, 2003

Dear David:

On behalf of both the Flower & Garden Show Committee and Maymont Foundation, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to you for being a landscape exhibitor in the 2003 Maymont Flower & Garden Show. Without a doubt, the landscape exhibits continue to be the main focal point of this amazing event. Each exhibit highlighted the imagination, creativity, attention to detail and expertise that our audience has grown to expect. Because of you, we have become not only regionally known, but also nationally recognized.

Although weather during set-up was far from ideal and we feared the judging process might need to be cancelled in order to provide the exhibitors some extra time, miraculously everyone finished on time and the show went on! Roughly 25,000 people visited this amazing event in an effort to fast-forward past winter and longingly look toward the cool, sunny days of spring.

I hope your experiences with the new building were favorable. There are many adjustments Maymont plans to make as we begin to develop the floor plan for 2004. Please feel free to pass on any suggestions you might have as well. An evaluation form is enclosed. Any and all suggestions/comments are appreciated and encouraged. Also, I have enclosed a program for you, in the event you did not have a chance to pick one up during the show. Pictures of your exhibit are being developed as we speak, and I will let you know when they are available for viewing.

We'll keep you posted on our plans for 2004. Thank you again for taking part in this spectacular and impressive event. All of us at Maymont appreciate your efforts and applaud your dedication. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you again in 2004.

Show Director

P. S. How do we ever begin to show our gratitude to you for all you did? We are so lucky to have such an incredible resource in you and your talents. You are the BEST!

September 23, 2002

Dear David,

The flowers were beautiful! Thank you so much for doing a super job! Everything was just as Laura had pictured it in her mind.

Everyone commented on the wonderful flowers. My garden club friends were all taking mental notes on the bouquets and the arrangements!

Your imagination and talent were shown to great advantage. We shared the table arrangements with special family members and friends. The wreath is on our front door and the large arrangement from the terrace is in our great room. Their beauty is still being enjoyed. The garland and flowers on the trellis were a wonderful focal point for the wedding ceremony-just perfect!

Thank you again for adding to the perfection of an already perfect day.


August 14, 2002

Dear David,

You are to be congratulated on the high quality of the workshop you presented. Your careful planning and open manner encouraged participation which made the workshop interesting and fun. You provided the participants with numerous activities that they will be able to share with their colleagues as well as utilize with their students. We were very fortunate to have someone of your expertise to be a presenter for our staff.

The teachers were very complimentary about your workshop and felt that the information you presented will be useful in helping students understand the importance of agriculture in our world. The teachers commented that they like the helpful ideas, hands-on activities and materials that were provided. They felt that the activities will be very good to use to integrate a variety of core subject areas. They also recommended that the workshop be offered again to all kindergarten - five teachers. I believe that one teacher's comments sums up the general feeling of the participants, "This is a really great in-service!"

Thank you again for your willingness to plan for and present the workshop.

Elementary Curriculum Specialist
Culpeper County Public Schools

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